Red And White Fishing Bobbers

Red And White Fishing Bobbers

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Red And White Fishing Bobbers
Fishing Bobber is a simple floatation device used by anglers to suspend bait in the water.Fishing bobbers are one of the most important pieces of tackle for young children just learning to fish. They are also employed by veteran fisherman in search of different species during various times of the fishing season. Fishing bobbers are used to suspend a bait at a specific depth and then allow the angler to tell if a fish is biting. Most often used when the bait is a “live bait,” such as a shiner or a night crawler, fishing bobbers are attached to the line above the hook at whatever distance the fisherman wants the bait to be below the water’s surface. The line with the bait and the bobber is cast out and the bobber will float in the water, holding the bait below it. When a fish takes the bait and attempts to swim away the bobber will move and/or go under, letting the fisherman know it’s time to set the hook.
Size: 1″ (10pcs / packet)
Size: 1.5″ (10pcs / packet)
Size: 2″ (10pcs / packet)


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