Squid Jig

Squid Jig

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It’s host of features is designed to attract squids more effectively.

Special Eyes Feature

  • Natural flashing in day – fishing.
  • Lightning appeal in night – fishing.

Compact – Shaped Body

  • Easy to make jerk action and reach the bottom faster.

Sharp & Straight Hook

  • Strong Penetration Power.
  • Good ability to escape when you hook the bottom.

Center Eye Design

  • To make extremely stable swim form.

Bottom Grip Sinker

  • It has less stress in the water so that we can make jerk action, it works as a stabilizer.

Luminous Color (Glow)

  • It has a special coloring which responds to UV rays & glows in the dark.
  • Therefore, it can work well & attract squids at deep range where sunlight never reaches.
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