Soft Worms Lures/Bait

Soft Worms Lures/Bait

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Soft Worms Lures/Bait
Get most of the fish-catching actions of this worm – style bait. The lure give a life like action dangling from a hook with only the slightest current. With bright color and salt impregnated scent, the worm wiggles and slides through the water for incredible response from most species of fish.
  • Silver Pro Fish L: 4.5cm W: 0.6g (15pcs / packet)
  • Hongyang Bait L: 5cm W: 1.4g (15pcs / packet)
  • Youvella Bait L: 6cm W: 1.8g (15pcs / packet)
  • Hongyang Bait L: 7cm W: 1.7g (10pcs / packet)
  • Youvella Bait L: 8.5cm W: 4g (10pcs / packet)
  • Available in Red & Brown


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