PowerPro Spectra Braided Line Green

PowerPro Spectra Braided Line Green

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PowerPro Spectra Braided Line Green
If you’re not using PowerPro braided line, you should be. It’s the most popular braided line in the USA, and now that the PowerPro company has been acquired by Shimano, PowerPro will soon become available in many other countries too.
PowerPro is made of material called Spectra, which are filaments braided together, to have a super thin line diameter, incredible strength, very little stretch and the most sensitivity of any fishing line material. Those are PowerPro’s strengths in a nutshell. If you’ve not yet used braid, you do need to learn (or re-learn) how to manage braided line on casts and retrieval. It does have some weaknesses (as do all braided lines), but the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, which include:
  1. Braided line cuts easily and quickly whenever in contact with rocks. If you are fishing bottom or contacting rocks, you’ll require a non-braid leader.
  2. Braided line will dig into soft, soggy wood, and when the lure pulls up to that spot where the line’s embedded int osoft wood, the lure will snag more than usual,
  3. Braided line snaps easily when subject to sudden force. For example, if braided line is wrapped around your rod tip when you cast, braid will snap easily.
Now that’s not such a bad list, especially once you know how to manage for the weaknesses of braid, because the advantages of braid’s power and sensitivity is worth it. As I say, it will take some time to learn (or re-learn) how to fish with braided line. You can’t use it the same as you use mono of fluoro. You need to learn how to handle braid, and then you’ll be fine. You can’t fish braided line like other lines. It requires it’s own way. So be alert and attentive to how braid behaves, and learn how to handle it differently from other lines, and you’ll be fine.


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