Mixed Weights / Sinkers

Mixed Weights / Sinkers

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Mixed Weights / Sinkers

A fishing sinker or knoch is a weight used in conjunction with a fishing lure or hook to increase its rate of sink, anchoring ability, and/or casting distance. Fishing sinkers may be as small as 1 gram for applications in shallow water, and even smaller for fly fishing applications, or as large as several pounds or considerably more for deep sea fishing. They are formed into nearly innumerable shapes for diverse fishing applications. Environmental concerns surround the usage of lead and other materials in fishing sinkers

Zembo : 45 gm
Half Zembo : 35 gm
Disco : 25 gm
Lambi : 22 gm
Tyre : 20 gm
Disco : 20 gm
Matka : 18 gm


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