Hugo Super Power Braided Line

Hugo Super Power Braided Line

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Hugo Super Power Pro Braided Line
Braided line was one of the earliest types of fishing line, and in its modern incarnations it is still very popular in some situations because of its high knot strength, lack of stretch, and great overall power in relation to its diameter.
Braided lines, particularly the newer synthetics, can be successfully used on any type of fishing reel, but are perhaps most well known as excellent lines for bait casting reels, in particular for trolling where they remain especially popular among many fishermen.
HUGO Super Power Line No 1.5 0.20mm 100m 13kg/18lb
HUGO Super Power Line No 2.5 0.26mm 100m 15.4kg/30lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.4.0 0.32mm 100m 22.5kg/40lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.6.0 0.45mm 100m 29.8kg/48lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.8.0 0.50mm 100m 32kg/58lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.1.0 0.18mm 100m 12.5kg/26lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.2.0 0.23mm 100m 15.8kg/35lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.3.0 0.28mm 100m 19.6kg/44lb
HUGO Super Power Line No.5.0 0.40mm 100m 28.8kg/53lb


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