Chiye Lures CY702

Chiye Lures CY702

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Chiye Lures CY702
Perfectly Balanced versatile body that flaunts adrenaline pumping swimming moves to provide radical motions reflecting more light and exhibits actions alluring a great game.
Length: 90mm 
Weight: 13g 
Depth: Topwater
Buoyancy : Floating
Using the corresponding deep lure due to the selection of target fish swimming layer, It is recommended to use poenil and minnow for upper – middle layer, and crank or vib for lower – middle layer.
The selection of the corresponding color of lure is according to the degree of brightness. It is recommended that to use the bright colors lures when the visibility is low: and natural colors lure when the visibility is high.
The feeding active time segment is the best fishing time.
The choice of fresh water fishing spots, it is recommended that the underwater stumps, rocks and other obstacles near the outlet, etc.; selection of sea fishing spots in general in the reef area, a small inner bay, seawall edge.
Fish hooks is sharp, please be careful to use.
Make sure the safety of personnel around before dumping the lure
Put lure away from children.
Hook in case of tie into human body, should do treatment immediately around the nearest hospital.
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