Big Catch Fish Attractant

Big Catch Fish Attractant

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Big Catch Fish Attractant
For best results apply frequently, shake before each use and apply directly onto your live or artificial bait.
Apply Big Catch Fish Attractant on live baits, artificial baits or any absorbent lure each time before you cast.  Ensure that the lure is properly coated with the attractant so as to  leave a fish luring scent and colour trail in the water. A good  way to use a fish attractant is to apply the attractant with your hands. That way, when you handle the bait, line, and hook, you’re actually spreading an attractive scent on all of your baiting tools.
Shape, noise, motion and technique are all very important factors that cause fish to strike a lure, but getting a strike and landing a fish are two very different things, and this is where fish attractant really shines. Numerous Studies, not to mention years of empirical knowledge show that fish can spit a lure in the blink of an eye. If the bait being used feels unnatural or has an unnatural or negative odor, the odds of hooking that fish are very low. 

Did you know that a fresh water bass can detect 1/200th of a drop of a substance in 100 gallons of water? That a bass can detect a prey fish ordor source at 25 feet or that bass have been noted to have a better sense of smell than even the best bird dog?  With that sense of smell the masking powers of a quality fish attractant are critical in hiding unpleaseant odors such as gas, sunscreen and cigarette smoke. 

Using a quality fish attractant is highly effective in “tricking” the fish into holding the bait much longer and in some instances up to 30 seconds longer. So while the shape motion and retrevial technique of a lure may be the primary factor in bringing the fish to within striking range, the taste and smell of the bait are critical factors in getting that fish committed to the strike and holding the lure longer. Simply put, adding a quality fish attractant to your arsenal will convert more follows to hook ups.

Big Catch 10gms GEL Salt Water or Freshwater
Big Catch 110ml Bottle Salt Water or Freshwater
Big Catch 50ml Bottle Salt Water or Freshwater
Big Catch 25ml Bottle Salt Water or Freshwater


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