Match the Best Jacket to Your Activity

Match the Best Jacket to Your Activity

Life jackets are classified into three different types, select the jacket best suited for the type of activity and water conditions you will encounter.
Type I – Offshore Life Jacket
Best for: extended survival in rough seas, open ocean, or remote water where quick rescue is unlikely
Advantages: designed to turn an unconscious person face up; lots of buoyancy
Disadvantages: bulky, not comfortable for extended wear
Type II – Near Shore Buoyant Vest
Best for: calm, inland water and most general boating activities where there is a good chance of a quick rescue
Advantages: many turn an unconscious person face up; less bulky than Type I
Disadvantages: will not turn all unconscious persons face up; not intended for extended support in rough seas
Type III – Flotation Aid  (Personal Flotation Device)
Best for: calm, inland waters only
Advantages: most comfortable and lightweight; easy to wear for extended periods of time
Disadvantages: most not designed to turn an unconscious person face up; not suited for rough waters or open seas

Life Jackets – For Kids

For kids it is just as important to wear a life jacket on or near the water as it is for you to wear a seat belt in the car. Children often panic when they fall into the water. While a life jacket is designed to keep your child afloat in the water and give them the  extra time.  Time that can mean the difference between life and death. Time for rescue services to reach them.
Therefore choosing the right life jacket for your kid is very important.

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